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27.12.2008: Deadache & The Greatest Cuts - Live 2009

In January/February 2009 LORDI will infest the clubs in and around Germany to present their recent album "Deadache". But they won't forget to play also their well known hits, bundled on "Zombilaton - The Greatest Cuts", in stores on February 20th, 2009... (>>> dates-area)

17.12.2008: Zombilation - Biography online

We have replaced the profile-pics as well as the biography in our LORDI area on the occasion of "Zombilation"...

15.12.2008: Zombilation - Cover

the sorrow - origin of the storm

"Zombilation - The Greatest Cuts" will be in stores on February 20th, 2009 - as regular CD and limited double CD plus DVD. The first and official best of LORDI will look like this... (>>> click to enlarge)

13.12.2008: Zombilation - Tracklist

Further details about the first best of LORDI "Zombilation - The Greatest Cuts" (regular and limited edition) are online in their discography-area...

03.12.2008: Zombilation - The Greatest Cuts

It is time for a retrospection. With "Zombilation - The Greatest Cuts" we will release is the only official best-of LORDI complied and authorized by monster boss Mr. Lordi himself on February 20th, 2009 - also as limited-2CD+1DVD-edition. More details soon...

13.06.2008: Dark Floors

The DVD of LORDI's motion picture "Dark Floors" has reached gold-status in Finland right before its official release!


05.06.2008: Castle Fest cancelled!

Unfortunatelly the promoter of the festival had to cancel due to recent developments in Serbia, but there are still a few festivals on the continent featuring LORDI on the list... (>>> dates-area)

17.05.2008: Studio

LORDI are back in the studio to record the follow-up to their goldalbum "The Arockalypse". For that they can choose from around 60 demos. So now you might be quite curious about what will find its way to you most probably in Autumn.

11.03.2008: Wacken & Co.

LORDI are leaving Finland this Summer for a few festivals... (>>> Dates-Area)

10.01.2008: New track online!

On the official LORDI homepage you will now find a new song taken from the soundtrack of the LORDI motionpicture "Dark Floors"...