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07.12.2009: Stonehenge

GOTHMINISTER are confirmed for the Dutch Stonehenge Festival 2010... (>>> dates-area)

21.11.2009: Darkness, Bloodstains & Accidents 2009

Tomorrow GOTHMINISTER, Trail Of Tears and Magenta start their "Darkness, Bloodstains & Accidents" tour. First stop is in Athens, Greece... (>>> dates-area)

15.11.2009: Darkness, Bloodstains & Accidents 2009

Unfortunatelly GOTHMINISTER, Trail Of Tears and Magenta had to cancel the stop in Moscow during their "Darkness, Bloodstains & Accidents" tour. And in Berlin a new venue had to be found - found... (>>> dates-area)

27.09.2009: Phoenix - Releaseparties

Within the last weeks of this year GOTHMINISTER will satisfy their fans again with another tour, supported by Trail Of Tears & Magenta... (>>> dates-area)

06.05.2009: Happiness With Cannibals - UK

gothminister live

After those bad weeks now GOTHMINISTER and DAS ICH bring their "Happiness With Cannibals" to the United Kingdom... (>>> dates-area)

18.04.2009: Happiness With Cannibals - Cancelled

Unfortunatelly the last few shows of the "Happiness With Cannibals"tour with GOTHMINISTER and DAS ICH had to be cancelled.

"Due to our singer Stefan Ackermanns nervous and physical breakdown in Adelsheim at the Elekktroshockk Festival, we have to cancel the rest of our current tourdates. We are terribly sorry (...)", says Bruno Kramm from DAS ICH.

If and how far the cancelled shows will be caught up is not confirmed yet, but hopefully Stefan Ackermann is back in the saddle again when it comes to the UK shows... (>>> dates-area)

We wish him all the best!

07.04.2009: Happiness With Cannibals - Changes

Three of the shows cancelled on short notice at the beginning of the tour are now postponed to the (extended) end of the tour... (>>> dates-area)

01.04.2009: Happiness With Cannibals - Tourstart

gothminister live

From today on GOTHMINISTER and DAS ICH travel across Europe with their "Happiness With Cannibals" tour... (>>> dates-area)

14.03.2009: Happiness With Cannibals - Update

gothminister live

In about two weeks GOTHMINISTER and DAS ICH start their "Happiness With Cannibals" tour across Europe. The tourschedule has been changed a bit, perhaps it fits better now for you, so get a ticket... (>>> dates-area)

07.02.2009: Darkside - Videoclip

With a little delay GOTHMINISTER present their new videoclip for "Darkside" from their latest album "Happiness In Darkness" - here or in their Multimedia-area to view...

04.02.2009: Happiness With Cannibals - Update

GOTHMINISTER's tour schedule with DAS ICH has been rearranged a little bit: the show in Helsinki will not happen, but therefore is another gig in UK... (>>> dates-area)

22.01.2009: Happiness With Cannibals

gothminister live

Quite a few dates have been added to GOTHMINISTER's tour schedule and big part of these 18 shows are together with DAS ICH... (>>> dates-area)

14.01.2009: Live 2009

GOTHMINISTER will not only as mentioned before headline the Castle Rock but also play further shows and festivals on the continent... (>>> dates-area)