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08.07.2005: Live At Wacken - The Reunion - DVD[plus]

Because of some complaints we want to give some technical information again:

  • A DVD[plus] has content on both sides
  • 1 audio-CD-side
  • 1 video-DVD-side
  • To play the audio-CD-side only a normal CD-player is necessary.
  • Toplay the video-DVD-side a DVD-player is necessary
  • In this case here the video-DVD-side has a print with a TWISTED SISTER-logo and "Play Audio This Side Up"
  • The consequence: To play the DVD-part it is necessary to turn the DVD[plus] around and then put it into the DVD-player!
  • The print causes no failure because it is between the two disc-halves!

We hope, we could help the one or the other!

27.06.2005: Live At Wacken - The Reunion - Out now!

The first TWISTED SISTER DVD[plus] "Live At Wacken - The Reunion" is now available at your recorddealer...

25.05.2005: Live At Wacken - The Reunion - Commercial

If you want to know what the little commercial for the new TWISTED SISTER-DVD[plus] "Live At Wacken" looks like, have a look right here or in the Multimedia-area...

23.05.2005: Live At Wacken - The Reunion - Order now!

"Live At Wacken - The Reunion", the DVD[plus] by TWISTED SISTER is now available for pre-order, e.g. at amazon.de!

11.05.2005: Live At Wacken - The Reunion - DVD

You will now find the tracklist of the TWISTED SISTER-album "Live At Wacken" in the discography-area...

Besides that the releasedate was postponed for one week, it is now June 27th, 2005!

30.04.2005: Live At Wacken - The Reunion - Cover

Just to let you know: The cover-artwork of the TWISTED SISTER-DVD "Live At Wacken - The Reunion"!

20.04.2005: Live At Wacken - The Reunion - DVD

Thr great TWISTED SISTER-reunion-concert at the Wacken Open Air 2003 was captured in sound and pic. On June 20th, 2005 we will release it on DVD[plus]. The audio-side contains parts of the concert and some live-recordings from the 80ies and the video-side contains the complete show aswell but also a lot of bonusmaterial. More details we will tell you soon...