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Letzte Instanz "Im Auge des Sturms" out on August 29th, 2014
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27.11.2009: Stratovarius

Just back home from their support slot for ENSIFERUM, our guys from TRACEDAWN are going to leave home again and raise some hell in the European clubs, because in the week after New Year's Day the Finns will go on big tour with their countrymen from Stratovarius... so, get your tickets... (>>> dates-area)

29.09.2009: Forsaken - Videoclip

For the now available album "Ego Anthem" Tracedawn have shot another mini-movie. The videoclip is called "Forsaken" - just watch it here or in their multimedia-area...

25.09.2009: Ego Anthem - Out now!

Today TRACEDAWN's new album "Ego Anthem" is available everywhere, e. g. at Amazon.de, EMP or fan4z [fanforce] - merchandising.

10.09.2009: Ego Anthem - Order now!

On September 25th, 2009 the follow up to TRACEDAWN's successful debut album finally will be available in stores. You can place your pre-orders for "Ego Anthem" now, e. g. at Amazon.de, EMP or fan4z [fanforce] - merchandising.

05.08.2009: In Your Name - Videoclip

For the upcoming album "Ego Anthem" Tracedawn have been in front of a camera again. The videoclip is called "In Your name!" - just watch it here or in their multimedia-area...

02.08.2009: Ego Anthem - Sound samples

Please find a few little sound samples from their second masterpiece "Ego Anthem" in TRACEDAWN's multimedia-area, soon in stores, soon on stage...

20.07.2009: Ego Anthem - Tracklist

Further details about their new album "Ego Anthem" are now online in TRACEDAWN's discography-area...

17.07.2009: Ego Anthem - New pictures online!

For their new album "Ego Anthem" TRACEDAWN have been shot in a quite interesting location. You may have a look on the results by Janne Viinanen in their pictures-area...

13.07.2009: Ego Anthem - Cover


Entitled "Ego Anthem" the second album of the young Finnish guys TRACEDAWN will be released on September 25th, 2009 - right in time before the tourstart with ENSIFERUM - and this is what it will look like... (>>> click to enlarge)

07.07.2009: Ego Anthem - Biography online!

TRACEDAWN have continued their story of success - as usual in the biography-area...

04.07.2009: Ego Anthem - Live

When ENSIFERUMs "From Afar" tour is extended, this also takes effects on TRACEDAWN's tourschedule, for they are presenting their own new album "Ego Anthem" as special guest of this tour... (>>> dates-area)

16.05.2009: Ego Anthem - Live

Further dates have been added to ENSIFERUM's tourschedule for Autumn, and so on TRACEDAWN's schedule aswell... (>>> dates-area)

26.04.2009: Ego Anthem - Live

In Autumn ENSIFERUM will present their new album live on stage. On this tour Metsatöll from Estonia and our TRACEDAWN will be special guests... (>>> dates-area)

13.04.2009: Ego Anthem

The second album of our Finnish youngsters TRACEDAWN will be entitled "Ego Anthem" and in stores around September 25th, 2009...

08.04.2009: Semifinal

TRACEDAWN will play a gig in Helsinki this May... (>>> dates-area)

28.02.2009: Rock Hard Festival 2009

...and for this year's Rock Hard Festival TRACEDAWN are confirmed now, too... (>>> dates-area)

17.02.2009: W:O:A 2009

Finally our youngsters from TRACEDAWN can be seen on a German stage, because they are confirmed for this year's Wacken Open Air... (>>> dates-area)

02.02.2009: Studio Session

Since last week TRACEDAWN have entered the studio again to record the successor to their virtous debut album. So you may look forward now to Summer or Autumn... Here you may have a look into their studio-diary...