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The Drakkar vessel first appeared on the horizon in 1986. Since then we have sailed across the seven seas of music history on countless adventurous journeys. Together with our artists we stood side by side as a publishing-, management-, merchandising-, booking- and/or label agency. Successful heavy metal made in Germany with acts such as Kreator, Sodom, Rage, Helloween, U.D.O. or Running Wild as well as international top acts, such as Sepultura, Death, Voivod, Savatage or Biohazard boarded our ship.

Since 1999 we are concentrating on the label work which has gathered momentum with Kreator, Sodom, Haggard and Nightwish at beginning directly. Nowadays we can look back on 70 acts with more than 200 releases among 8 golden and 2 platinum record awards. An outstanding moment was definitely the Eurovision Song Contest success with Lordi in 2006.

Meanwhile we have moved our vessel to port of Hamburg and look forward welcoming further companions for our journeys on board.



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33RPM - release new single & video "Lack gesoffen"

Who has not yet understood why this band is different, will understand it now at the latest. Cheeky and sarcastic, wild and colorful, a serious social issue is addressed with a sympathetic wink to the inclined listeners. Sprechgesang mixed with punk rock offbeat, melodic catchy hook and a final conclusion, which is hard to beat in self-irony, make this number...

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VIVA - release new Single "Genau hier"

VIVA is heading for the singles charts with two autobiographical songs. GENAU HIER and the B-side WIR SIND UNSER ZIEL captivate with the honest illustration of the band's ups and downs in the first five years of the band's history. From the brilliant start to discord and accusations. VIVA is still alive. Because in good times you have to celebrate...

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Todsünde - release new Single & Video "Herzjagd"

With "Herzjagd" the first single including video clip from the new TODSÜNDE album of their new same named album is released today.   With this, the Neue Deutsche Härte rockers give a first long-awaited foretaste of their second work, which will be released on June 16th, 2023.   "Herzjagd" is not only the title track of the new album -...

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Rauhbein - release new Single & Video "Herz eines Kriegers"

With "Herz Eines Kriegers" the first single including video clip from the new RAUHBEIN album of the same name is released today.With this, the folk metal high-flyers give a first long-awaited foretaste of their second work, which will be released on 7/7."Herz Eines Kriegers" is not only the title track of the work - it also sums up the band's...

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CrossChains - release new Single & Video "Velych [Reimagined]"

It's been one year since the Russian invaders started the war against Ukraine. With the orchestral version of their song VELYCH by Ukrainian hard rockers CrossChains, written in their native language, the band shares all the pain, horror and anger that are still their daily bread.Because there is still war in their homeland. Innocent people are still being killed, cities...

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