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The Drakkar vessel first appeared on the horizon in 1986. Since then we have sailed across the seven seas of music history on countless adventurous journeys. Together with our artists we stood side by side as a publishing-, management-, merchandising-, booking- and/or label agency. Successful heavy metal made in Germany with acts such as Kreator, Sodom, Rage, Helloween, U.D.O. or Running Wild as well as international top acts, such as Sepultura, Death, Voivod, Savatage or Biohazard boarded our ship.

Since 1999 we are concentrating on the label work which has gathered momentum with Kreator, Sodom, Haggard and Nightwish at beginning directly. Nowadays we can look back on 70 acts with more than 200 releases among 8 golden and 2 platinum record awards. An outstanding moment was definitely the Eurovision Song Contest success with Lordi in 2006.

Meanwhile we have moved our vessel to port of Hamburg and look forward welcoming further companions for our journeys on board.



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DELTA BATS - release new single »Wendy James«

Forget the trends and fuck the fashion: Delta Bats’ new track is a straight-ahead Punk Rock love song, dedicated to legendary British singer Wendy James. No-holds-barred low blows of drum and bass, mangy vocals, and riffs that don't even try to sound virtuosic. This is Punchrock. We love you Wendy James. Following previously-released, first singles "Delta Bat" and the stoner-esque track...

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DAN REED NETWORK - new album »Let's hear it for the king« out now

Dan Reed Network are delighted to finally be able to bring you their latest slice of exhilarating rock, funk, and soul with the stunning new studio album, "Let’s Hear It For The King". Their sixth studio album comes full circle to the band’s original mission statement – to challenge beliefs, smash down existing protocol, and build something new out of the shrapnel. This...

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RAUHBEIN - debut album »Steh wieder auf« out now

Come with us and let's go on a journey! Hearty, handmade and honest - attributes that best describe the folk rock sound of RAUHBEIN.With the debut album "STEH WIEDER AUF", RAUHBEIN awakens the desire to live, because these songs were written by life. Songs that convey courage and joy of life, just where you don't expect it. No matter...

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SAHG - release new single »Born Demon«

Norway’s high guardians of doomed heavy metal, SAHG, are back!Following the previously released, first single "Heksedans ", Sahg has dropped another, new song and the title track of their upcoming album, "Born Demon"! The band’s sixth studio record will be out on October 21, 2022 and can be pre-ordered here. With their new studio album “Born Demon”, reborn as a trio and...

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ZSK - release their new single »Himmel«

The new single "Himmel" by ZSK is an anti-war song that tells of powerlessness, anger, but also of strength and solidarity.Himmel" is the first single from the new ZSK album "Hass↯Liebe", which will be released on 10th February 2023. With the seventh official album "Hass↯Liebe", ZSK continue their path in the old punk rock manner. The band became known for their...

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