Alles Mit Stil

Yüe·ah - interjection, colloquial
Definition: An exclamation for something unbelievably brutal, made up of "Yeah" (metal) and "Yüah" (German rap) and stands for the perfect symbiosis of these two worlds.

A more accurate definition is simply not possible. Metal, rap & rock united in German. ALLES MIT STIL has been going unconventional since the beginning, but the new album "Yüeah" which will be released on April, 23rd, 2021, the whole thing will be taken to extremes. After the feature with Evil Jared Hasslehoff (BLOODHOUND GANG), this time the guys got support from VIX (3-time Mexican Scratch Champion), the children's choir LAUTSTARK and Katharina Grischkowski (including Luke Modridge, SovietSKAja) to put this record on the next level.

The album, with 13 energetic songs, pure AMS (ALLES MIT STIL) D.N.A., produced and arranged by ALLES MIT STIL & Mixberlin Productions, will be released in collaboration with DRAKKAR ENTERTAINMENT / Soulfood Music.

Over the last 2 albums you have noticed again and again how ALLES MIT STIL tries again to open new elements, new themes in order to create an album that is everything except boring. And that's exactly what you can feel with "Yüeah". You will notice the authenicity, the fun and of course the various influences the enrich this mix of styles again and again.

No two eggs are alike, and no song is the same. The variety of topics extends from self-reflection (Biografie), coping with depression (Lichter dieser Tage), the dangers of National Socialism and right-wing populist parties (Alerta) to topics that are not really taken seriously, such as the celebration anthem (g.t.p.$. - good time party squad) or a new approach to stress relief (Schüttelsong).

A thematic red thread is searched in vain on "Yüeah". Because of the predominance of streaming platforms, concept albums are only marginally meaningful, so everyone will find something on the new album without exception. No excuse, just honest, impulsive music that hits your eardrum.

With "Atme den Regen" the 4 Austrians released the first single from the upcoming album in November, 2020. The cover version of a KONTRA K song, one of the most successfil German rappers ever, was overwhelmed by positive feedback from KONTRA K fans and rock-loving audiences and shows the passion and ambition that defines ALLES MIT STIL.

These properties are also reflected in the terrific limited box set. Stylish, packed and definitely a gem that should not be missing any record collection in the world.

The anticipation for an album has never been as great as it is now. It is finally time that "Yüeah" comes...








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