Andreas Kümmert

Standstill is a foreign word for thoroughbred musician Andreas Kümmert. Even during the last two pandemic years, he continued to live and breathe with and for his music and played live shows - sometimes under the most adverse conditions.
In the midst of a world in a state of emergency, his new album "Working Class Hero" was created.

And because Andreas has not retreated into a sterile studio, but has moved as an artist in the midst of contemporary events, it has become a thoroughly honest, authentic reflection of what the native of Lohr has experienced, felt, thought and gone through. "For the most part, it has become very angry songs with angry, sometimes very sarcastic lyrics," says Andreas. "They're about what's going on in the world, but also how I personally feel about it. A juxtaposition of macrocosm and microcosm, so to speak. You see and experience the world, and at the same time it does something to you, to your own feelings and thoughts. And in the midst of these contemporary events, you still have your own unique problems to deal with."

The music and Andreas belong - this becomes clearer than ever on "Working Class Hero" - inseparable. Andreas Kümmert's songs are emotional, deep, stirring, touching and comforting at the same time. They express so much of what this world is and what it can make of you.

Sometimes this also involves something very special and extraordinary - because Andreas Kümmert has become a father for the first time. The song "Spaceship" tells of this, a deeply emotional and touching blues ballad that makes the world stand still for a moment.

In addition to all the current reflections, there is also a very special throwback moment on "Working Class Hero": For the first time ever, "Rocket Man" officially appears on an album - the song with which Andreas so groundbreakingly drew attention to himself on the TV show "The Voice Of Germany" in 2013. The track was re-recorded and re-recorded by him. At the time, the number made all the jurors buzz within a few seconds during the blind audition. To this day, "Rocket Man" is Andrea's nickname. The song is part of the fixed repertoire of the live shows - reason enough to finally immortalize it on a recording.  

Andreas Kümmert is THE blues, rock singer from Germany. His voice and his music are timeless. Ever since Andreas Kümmert can think, music has been his language. Already at the age of nine, the Lohr am Main-born musician learned to play the drums, and at 13, the guitar.

By the time he took part in the TV show "The Voice Of Germany" in 2013, he had long since gained a foothold in the music business. Nevertheless, the TV show, which he eventually wins with his own composition "Simple Man," is his breakthrough.

2023 is now the tenth anniversary. In contrast to the vast majority of participants in such TV formats, Andreas Kümmert is still consistently successful and remains one of the most sought-after artists in soul/rock/blues. His characterful blues and soul voice and his talent for great goosebump songs carry the Franconian year after year through Germany and Europe and even let him sell out the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg in 2019.

Kümmert uses the past two Pandemie years to work intensively on the new album with his two comrades-in-arms Stefan Kahne and Michael Germer. "I always thought to myself, it must go on," he says. And remains strong.

His new album "Working class hero" will be released on 14.04.2023 (Soulfood Music) and includes all facets of the exceptional artist, from powerful rock n roll numbers to the brilliant ballads.