"Take Me To The Top" (Mötley Crüe) - the four guys from Ampex have been making music together under this slogan since 2019. Having started out as a fun and leisure project, they quickly realised after recording their first songs in a rehearsal room in a tranquil village somewhere on the border between North Rhine-Westphalia and Hesse that this act was going to get bigger.

So even before the very first live performance, they had signed a record deal and had a professionally recorded album in the pipeline (Einzelkämpfer, release date 16 October 2020 - chart entry at number 38 in the official German charts and that as absolute newcomers). Successful rocket launch - you might think - if it hadn't been for this new type of virus called "Corona", which paralysed half the world for two years. For the 4 mates this meant: No live gigs, but above all, no burying their heads in the sand. The "free time" was used for new ideas and especially for new music, true to the motto - before nothing works, at least a new album will work. The recordings of "Alles was du brauchst" date back to the time of the "toilet paper war", which was certainly also audibly processed in one or two song lyrics.

The second studio album also entered the official charts at number 55.
Worth mentioning from this very blurry time is certainly winning the "Innocent Award" in the "Young Talent" category, which is awarded by the Berlin independent magazine "TO GO". With the end of the corona pandemic, Ampex was finally able to gain a foothold on the live stages of the republic. From small club shows to larger festival appearances and even a small support tour, pretty much everything was taken along and that's what the band enjoys most. Live music, interaction with the fans and a cold beer after a successful show.

In 2024, the band can look back proudly on the last 5 years, but also look forward to the future. The third studio album with 11 brand new songs is in the starting blocks and the quartet can't complain about a lack of planned gigs either. Anniversaries have to be celebrated properly. With this in mind - Take Us To The Top!