Akrea were able to establish themselves to an outstanding position in the German metal-scene within the past few years due to their very own composition of Melo-Death-Metal with Swedish influence and striking German lyrics.

In the year of 2013 they force to finally enter the first league of metal sound with their upcoming release “Stadt der toten Träume” (city of dead dreams).
More than ever this album comes up straight and strong with catchy melodies.

… the way to “Stadt der toten Träume”

After the release of their previous album “Lügenkabinett" in the end of 2010 Akrea went on tour with Die Apokalyptischen Reiter and Turisas and numerous festivals in Europe. The positive reactions from media and fans pushed them to work on the present release “Stadt der toten Träume” directly.
Akrea reduced the thrill of speed from “Lügenkabinett” for the benefit of catchy and well-thought-out compositions, especially the refrains.
The atmospheric cover artwork stands for the tune of the album: dark, serious and profound.
The lyrics are inspired by a realm of gloomy phantasies like on the first release “Lebenslinie” which are sometimes also presented as instrumental parts.
Akrea’s passion is the live entertainment – their music is made for the stage and it is their credit to fascinate the audience. So there are some festival shows around the release of “Stadt der toten Träume” announced to present the new songs live to their fans.
The album with a noble artwork will be available on 2nd of August 2013.

By the end of 2014 and after 10 years since their establishment, Akrea broke up due to personal reasons.







Akrea - Stadt Der Toten Traeume


01. Erwachen
02. Geisel Einer Sünde
03. Seelentanz
04. Feuer & Licht
05. Alter Freund
06. Einsames Medium
07. Unbekannte Ferne
08. Schleier Aus Blüten
09. Preis Der Freiheit
10. Stadt Der Toten Träume
11. Fundament Der Existenz
12. Letzte Lektion
13. Verlassen


Akrea - Luegenkabinett



01. Vier Sonnen
02. Meteor
03. Auf Los Geht's Los
04. Versprochen Ist Versprochen
05. Bühne Frei
06. Guten Tag
07. Ach Was Bist Du Schön...
08. ...So Schön
09. Auf Leisen Sohlen
10. Zwischen Den Welten
11. Wilde Flut


Akrea - Lebenslinie


01. Aufbruch
02. Imperium
03. Schwarzer Kern
04. Dieser Klang
05. Sigmea
06. Trugbild
07. Rachsucht
08. Bis Zum Ende Der Welt
09. Tribock
10. Ein Leben Lang
11. Verlust





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