DEZPERADOZ – Call Of The Wild

Hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your booze. Ring the bells and for fucks’ sake don‘t get into their way: the outlaws are back in town! Dezperadoz – a name that spread through the saloons like wildfire, a name that has been passed on in reverential whisper. Everyone having had the (mis)fortune of running into them will be marked for life. With guitars armed, with a thirst unquenchable, their mission is crystal clear: get Heavy Metal into the Wild Wild West. Or was it the other way round?

For a Handful of Riffs

It’s the return of the magnificent three. Five years after their last raid “Dead Man’s Hand”, Dezperadoz got their horses saddled once again to conquer even the last corner of the Wild West. As was the case in their glorious past, they can rely upon an explosive arsenal of meaty, straight-on Heavy Metal and the best of every single Western soundtrack ever written, thus forming an unholy and striking alliance. Forged under the desert moon, it’s as inseparable as beans and bacon, as Sergio Leone and Ennio Morricone.

Once upon a Riff in the West

Leave it to philosophers to debate whether the hen or the egg were first. When dealing with band leader Alex Kraft, this question needs rephrasing: What was first, the Wild West or Heavy Metal? “Wild West of course,” he answers quick as a shot. Like each and everyone of us, he got infected by the infamous and thrilling genre of Italo western way too early. Having adopted a burning passion for the most dangerous music there is, Heavy Metal, similarly early, the smashing concept came about quite naturally. Dezperadoz taste like lead, whisky and the horse stables. Even more, and that’s essential for Kraft: they taste like freedom.

The loud, the bad and the thirsty

As is fitting for real cowboys, Dezepadoz are pioneers in their own right, fearless adventurers who plunge head-on into the unknown, charter new territories and pave the way for their predecessors just like the steel horse locomotive did in the 19th century. Having sold their souls to Western Metal exclusively as early as 1998, this band has been around at a time when the Volbeats or BossHosses out there were denied whisky at the bar. Yet, these lonesome cowboys don’t need arrogance. They view their epigones with mild interest and, after worldwide rides and duels, prefer to concentrate on their fifth offering “Call of the Wild”. This, once again, is a stomping time machine in its own right.

Hang them higher

Already famous for their thorough and authentic conceptual albums in the past, Kraft and his two relentless comrades up the ante once again. “Call of the Wild” is inspired by one of Wild West’s biggest heroes ever – Billy the Kid. Infamous gunslinger, notorious womaniser and hotshot for some, cold-blooded murderer for others. “He was a young, tough, bragging swashbuckle, but at the same time well educated, polite, diligent and intelligent,” Kraft muses. “A rebel and a thorn in every cattle dealer’s flesh.” A legend like that couldn’t go better with a bold troupe like Dezperadoz. For years, Kraft worked on this elaborate concept and tried to unmask the figure behind the myth. With “Call of the Wild”, he built him a loud, wild, unforgettable monument with which Billy himself, it is safe to assume, would be more than happy.

Trinity is still their name

Like every proper Wild West story, also Billy the Kid’s doesn’t come without secrets and enigmas. “They had to rewrite his life a couple of years ago due to new historical research. Nobody knows to this day,” Kraft whispers, “who’s lying in his grave.” Kraft and his band are soaked in Wild West mythology. He even would have found a profession back then! “My own saloon, a peacemaker colt and a double-barelled shotgun under the bar, that’s all I would have needed,” he grins. It has become Dezperadoz instead. A band shooting faster than its shadow, a band that has long since become a unique brand, an icon in its own right. What began as a mutual project with Thrash veteran Tom Angelripper (Sodom) over the years turned into the Heavy Metal answer to Ennio Morricone. A riffs not bullets firing outlaw that’s not to be messed with. Who yet deems it wise to do so is well advised to consult the grave digger. You know, for measurements and all. The vultures are already circling...




Dezperadoz - Call Of The Wild


01. W.H. Bonney
02. Hell & Back
03. Call Of The Wild
04. Silver City Shuffle
05. 600 Miles (The Escape)
06. All The Long Way Home
07. Bullets N' Bones (The House)
08. Lincoln County War (The Regulators)
09. Mexican Standoff (Interlude)
10. Thirty Silver Dollars
11. Back In The Saddle (Hello Bob)
12. Fandango
13. Smile As My Last Day Ends


Dezperadoz - Dead Mans Hand


01. Deadwood
02. Under The Gun
03. Yippie Ya Yeah! "More Than One Good Reason"
04. Badlands
05. Bullet With My Name
06. Just Like Cowboyzz Do
07. Last Man Standing
08. My Ol' Rebel Heart
09. Saloon No. 10
10. Dead Man's Hand
11. Showdown
12. Train Of Souls
13. Wild Horses
14. My Gun And Me (Southern Pride Version)


Dezperadoz - Dawn Of Dying


01. The Beginning
02. As A Judgement
03. Gomorrah Of The Plains
04. The Dawn Of Dying
05. My Gun And Me
06. Gone With The Wind
07. Rattlesnake Shake
08. Riders In The Sky
09. Devil's Horse
10. Jumpin' Down The Running Train
11. Dodge City
12. Dezperadoz
13. The End
14. Oriental Saloon
15. Dead From The Eyes Down





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