Dan Reed Network - Let's Hear It For The King

June 17th, 2022


Dan Reed (Vocal, Guitar, Synth)

Brion James (Guitar, Vocal, Synth, Orchestration)

Rob Daiker (Keyboard, Vocal, Guitar)

Melvin Brannon (Bass, Vocal)

Dan Pred (Drums, Percussionl)



01 Pretty Karma
02 The Ghost Inside
03 Starlight
04 Supernova
05 Let's Hear It For The King
06 I See Angels
07 Homegrown
08 Stumble
09 Just Might Get It
10 Where's The Revolution
11 Are You Ready?
12 Unfuck My World
13 Last Day On Saturn *

 * Bonus Track on CD (not available on vinyl)



You can order "Let's hear it for the king" here.