EXISTENT - what started as a fixed idea of longtime friends on a whim, gave a first sign of life with the EP "Ein neuer Weg" released in 2013 and finally came to life in 2016 with the release of the debut album "Startschuss" (Remedy Records/Rude Records).
Performing with the songs recorded at Monochrom Studios Hamburg, Existent shared small and large stages in clubs and festivals across Germany with bands like Hämatom, Lord Of The Lost, Montreal, Kärbholz or Lordi. AirPlays and interviews at Radio Hamburg or TIDE followed - the foundation stone was set!
Intoxicated by the first experiences, the guys retreated to the Boogie Park Studios with producer Alex Henke (Dark Age, Wirtz, Krupps, Bela B, SDP, Deine Cousine, Helene Fischer) and Leon Christen for songwriting. Over time, they realized that the collected material no longer fit the realities of life and threw everything over. After an important finding phase, they reported back in 2021 with a concentrated load of songs in the form of the EP "Kartenhaus". While "Startschuss" was still predominantly rocky and carefree, the new songs are much more detached - the boundaries between rock and metal are blurred.
The riffs have also become faster and the tone rougher. The themes vary from global events that dominate the news, to social and political problems, to the personal struggles that everyone carries with them every day. After the record cracked the 650,000 streams on Spotify after a year and found itself in hundreds of playlists, it was clear - now for real!
In April 2022 the uncompromising single "Willkommen im Untergang" followed and thus the next guitar board, with which the rougher and more serious tone of "Kartenhaus" is continued and the cruel reality of the Ukraine war is treated. At the same time, the track is the first metallic anthemic foretaste of the new album "Stiller Held", which will see the light of day on June 16, 2023 via Drakkar Entertainment. It is already clear: the musical development of recent years will be continued and it will be addressed opinionated, which must not fall under the table! But with all the terrible events, the beautiful moments should be celebrated especially. Therefore, "Silent Hero" offers equally anthemic tracks that force you to sing along just like that. The prime example is provided by the second foretaste "Schrei", which meets a relieving post-Covid mood with modern catchy alternative rock guitars. With new energy, inspired by the first successes, the new collaboration with Drakkar Entertainment and not least thanks to the growth on the guitar, it's time to tear up the stages of this republic with full throttle in 2023!