On the social media platform „TikTok“, "Kremer“ has made a name for himself since the beginning of 2021 with rock & metal covers by German-speaking artists. But "Kremer" has been on the road with his "TODSÜNDE" since 2016.

In may 2021 his band released their debut LP "Geistesgift“ and immediatly positioned on #96 in the official German album charts.

After a little interpretation of the song "Ich ficke gern" by Ballermann star Mia Julia on TikTok, she became aware of Kremer and it came to a spontaneous collaberotation and a new edition of her hit single "Ich ficke gern" in a hardrock / metal style. The duet with Kremer will be released on July 30th, 2021. It marks his first release on Drakkar an will be released with its own video.

For the future you can expect some extraordinary rock & metal covers with the powerful voice of Kremer.