Following their self-titled debut album of summer 2006 and its thoroughly impressive successor, ”Catalogue Of Carnage” (2008), April 2009 will see MISERY SPEAKS strengthen their status on the metal landscape, earned with a lot of perseverance, passion and talent. “Disciples Of Doom” leaves behind the German band’s previously ever-present Swedish sound to pay homage to the gods of groove, particularly on tracks such as ”End Up In Smoke”, ”The Burning Path” and ”A Road Less Traveled”, and even makes a brief detour to South of the United States.

New addition Przemek Golomb (vocals), who stepped in for Claus Ulka in summer 2008 and passed several baptisms of fire with flying colours at renowned festivals such as the With Full Force, Summer Breeze and Metalcamp, blends in perfectly with the band’s soundscapes, bringing even more diversity to their music. Following last summer’s live activities, the band from Münster disappeared from the scene until the end of the year to hone their new material and return in 2009, sounding fresher and more adventurous than ever – which may be largely due to a change of studios. While their earlier offerings were recorded at the Rape Of Harmonies studios in Thuringia and refined by Dan Swanö at the Unisound Studio in Sweden, this time around the band travelled to wintry Pärlby, Sweden, where they recorded ”Disciples Of Doom” in January from beginning to end under the direction of producer Jonas Kjellgren, who has made an excellent name for himself with his production work for bands such as Sonic Syndice, Scar Symmetry, The Absence etc. and is responsible not only for the lush, natural production and recording, but also for the powerful mix and mastering on ”Disciples Of Doom”. 

MISERY SPEAKS have raised the rock factor and prove with their latest offering that a band can reinvent itself without losing sight of its direction. Their creative courage will hopefully be rewarded!

2010 marks the end of the band's career.




Misery Speaks - Disciples Of Doom


01. Out Of The Unknown
02. Burning Path
03. End Up In Smoke
04. A Road Less Travelled
05. Disciples Of Doom
06. Obsessed
07. Black Garden
08. Fragile
09. The Swarm
10. Into The Unkown


Misery Speaks - Catalogue Of Carnage


01. The Scavenger
02. Sentiment Is Missing
03. Guilt As A Sin
04. To My Enemies
05. Lay This Burden Down
06. Catalogue Of Carnage
07. Engraved In Stone
08. Sounds Of Brutality
09. Storm Of Ideals
10. Fall Of Envy





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