This is Punchrock!
Delta Bats - a duo that sounds like a punch in the face. With a device from the construction site. The roller of guitar, bass and drums cuts a swathe between everything that thinks it's brute - and the brute itself. It's a feeling like riding downhill on a skateboard over a gravel track. You know it's going to end badly - but, as long as you can, you enjoy the ride. There's a bat in your house and it likes to bite your head off. But before ... dance!


The new album is available as: Digipak CD, Vinyl & Digital and can be ordered here.


Norwegian heavy metal trio, Sahg, who is currently gearing up for the release of their sixth studio album, has shared a new single alongside a video. The band's forthcoming record, entitled Born Demon will be out on October 21, 2022

"Fall Into the Fire is one of the tracks that really states what the new album is about. This is heavy metal in its purest form." Guitarist & vocalist Olav Iversen comments.

"After Sahg became a three-piece, we started focusing on writing simpler songs. We wanted to go back to the core and rediscover the essence of our heavy metal origin. On the previous couple of albums, we had written more complex and progressive material, but we’d had enough of that. I remember thinking, «How can we make a Sahg song that hits the headbanger in people in the simplest way?» This is what came out. The simple opening riff is the backbone of Fall Into the Fire. The chorus was taken from a song we had written some time before, that was otherwise heading in the wrong direction. But the unpretentious catchiness of the chorus fit perfectly with the new riff.

The vocal line came instinctively along with the riff, and is equally instant and to the point. The first words that rolled off my tongue when we jammed the song, were «You scored the Devil’s daughter», which led me on to writing a lyric about someone who hooks up with a charming young lady out on the town one night. One thing leads to another, and after waking up the next day you realize you have spent the night with the actual Devil’s daughter. Pretty bad news, of course, because you have given the Devil and his daughter exactly what they were after – the perfect occasion to drag you to hell and torture you in the most horrible ways, for all eternity. Turn it down from eleven to seven, and I’m sure many can relate. It's a song about getting into trouble, basically. The kind you can't get out of."

Imagine that one morning you wake up and suddenly your home is under attack. Because this is exactly the case with our band CrossChains from Kiev.

Today the guys release a very emotional first song with their song 'VELYCH'. In this incredibly difficult time CrossChains managed to record a new song in their native language, which describes all the pain, the endless suffering of their compatriots. Moreover, the band even managed to shoot an incredibly stirring video that shows the soul of Ukraine and the will of its people in the conditions of war: struggles, pain, victories and hope for the liberation of their country and the salvation of Ukraine.



We are very happy to announce the signing of CrossChains - another promising and super talented international act for our band roster. CrossChains will release their new single "Velych" 29th July, 2022 alongside a video.

You can pre-save the single here:

Eugene Heats says: "This news would be much sweeter if a peaceful sky stretched over our cities...
But we still want to tell you about our signing with the  Drakkar Records, which during a difficult time for the band did everything to support our creativity.
You will be able to listen to our new single "VELYCH" on July 29!

Maximilian Föse of Drakkar Entertainment adds:
"When I heard the first demos of CrossChains, I was totally excited. The overall package with these guys is promising and it harmonized great between us from the first minute.
Unfortunately, our planning with the band was totally thrown off by the terrible war that started in their home country! But we are in regular exchange and help the band where we can. That's why we are even happier to finally announce the signing today!
We believe that the signing of CrossChains and the release of 'Velych' will send an important signal. It shows how strong Ukraine and its wonderful people are!"