The Hamburg rock band EXISTENT hit us with "KEIN PARADIES" a concentrated load of fat sounds around the ears. This foretaste of the new album "STILLER HELD" shows that we can expect anything but silence here....

"KEIN PARADIES" takes up the topic of terrorism, which has always been present for decades. The guys ask themselves: what is going on in the minds of all those who, out of religious overzealousness or ideological delusion and full of hate, commit such terrible acts?

As young children, they saw horrific images from New York, heard about atrocities in Rwanda, experienced the NSU affair live in the media. But they do not want to silently accept what for many already seems to be commonplace. "Your dreams - just sick"

In addition, the guys play two exclusive release shows on 08.06. in Hamburg and on 09.06. in Berlin with the mega combo in the line-up: Herbst and Silenzer. Tickets for the shows are available HERE, at the official merch store and at Eventim and Tix for Gigs.

You can pre-order the new album "STILLER HELD" here:

Todsünde release the second single including video "Licht & Schatten" from their new longplayer "Herzjagd" and start the presale for the long awaited second record. The second single goes from second one directly on the twelve! The song itself is about the new start that each of us needs from time to time. Sometimes you just don't see what's going wrong and how much you lie to yourself.

Singer Erik says about the song:

Many know the feeling, you get lost in life and ride yourself into the shit. But at some point the moment comes when we have to realize how wrong it all is and that you have to leave your old life behind and start anew.  We as a band are no strangers to this feeling and you should definitely talk to your friends and family about your problems before it gets morbid and you end up in a depression, from which it is even harder to fight your way out. With "Light and Shadow" we want to motivate you to leave old vices behind and start anew.

They are only in their early twenties, but more than ready to take the world of rock 'n' roll by storm!
After the already released appetizers "Spit", "Phoning" or the Rock'n'Roll party anthem "Lay Down", BIRD'S VIEW have released their new single "Kamo" today, including music video.
Today the four young stars released their fourth single from their debut album, which will be released on May 19, 2023.

Who has not yet understood why this band is different, will understand it now at the latest. Cheeky and sarcastic, wild and colorful, a serious social issue is addressed with a sympathetic wink to the inclined listeners. Sprechgesang mixed with punk rock offbeat, melodic catchy hook and a final conclusion, which is hard to beat in self-irony, make this number unique and different.