The new single "Himmel" by ZSK is an anti-war song that tells of powerlessness, anger, but also of strength and solidarity.
Himmel" is the first single from the new ZSK album "Hass↯Liebe", which will be released on 10th February 2023.

With the seventh official album "Hass↯Liebe", ZSK continue their path in the old punk rock manner. The band became known for their strong political opinions in songs like "Antifaschista" and "Kein Mensch ist illegal" and with their new longplayer, ZSK once again send a clear signal against the right. In every song, there is a love of music on the one hand and a little bit of anger on the other. ZSK have a unique style, which has an extremely high recognition value, especially due to Joshi's voice, and this time, too, will sweep away all layers of fans.

You can pre-order "Hass↯Liebe" here.

DAN REED NETWORK delivers a delicious new groove with their brand new single ‘Homegrown’.

For those who enjoy their rock with a heavy serving of funk ‘Homegrown’ delivers delicious grooves, hooks and a heavy chorus that celebrates the love and friendship one feels with the people and places that feed one's soul as opposed to outside forces that all too often suck away our hope, compassion and empathy. Nothing can replace, nor should it, the comfort and reliability of our 'Homegrown love'.

The new album 'Let's hear it for the king' will be out June 17th, 2022 and can be pre-ordered here.

The time has come!

With "Dark Matters - Part 1" Bulgarian heavy weights ODD CREW released their new LP of 8 killer tracks which leaves every listener breathless.

“Dark Matters - Part 1” is the powerful injection which the modern rock and metal scene was missing. The new release by the Bulgarians ODD CREW contains 8 killer tracks, as each song leaves an emotional experience, containing a perfect combination of raw guitar riffs and catchy melodies, musical precision and instrumental technique. A symbiosis of blues rock and metal genres, “Dark Matters - Part 1“ is a musical bliss that takes the listener’s soul to another dimension and leaves him breathless. Аn absolute “must-have” for every music lover.

RAUHBEIN has another Folk Rock ace in the quiver.

The new single 'Steh wieder auf' is pure motivation and has the potential to become a real folk rock anthem. The song is a final foretaste of the debut of the year and one thing is immediately clear with the song: RAUHBEIN will rock the stages and festivals with 'Steh wieder auf'!

The highly anticipated album will be released on 10.06.2022 as a limited boxset, digipak and digital. Here you can pre-order the good piece.