Andreas Kümmert says about his first single "Leave the Radio on":

"Leave the Radio on" is my first favorite single of several to come, from my upcoming album - working class hero - that will be released on 04/14/2013 via Soulfood Music.

I'm very happy to have found a new label home at Soulfood Music and to be able to lead the way together with the experts Jochen Richert, Maiximilian Foese,

Sandra Eichner, Michael Menges.
The single is for me a tribute, to the good old days, when various TV shows or radio broadcasts were still a social campfire,
about which you then talked on Mondays at work or at school. Through today's media landscape and especially the internet,
people's attention has been scattered and we all lack red lines in the media. I live in the present.
But in the good old days of the 60s - 2000s, there was common media that people consumed. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case today. That's why ... "Leave the Radio on"

With "ALLES BRENNT" the Hamburg rock band EXISTENT not only release a new metal album, but also start the official pre-sale for their new album "STILLLER HELD".

"ALLES BRENNT" is not the raised index finger, but the clenched fist, as EXISTENT make clear directly musically and lyrically. With their new single, the five guys from EXISTENT not only whet the appetite for their second and by the fans long-awaited new album "STILLER HELD", but also show themselves belligerent and concerned about the future of this world.

But the head is not left hanging and so shall arise from the ashes new by resisting together against the current conditions.

You can pre-order the new album "STILLER HELD" here:

The German high-flyers BIRD'S VIEW sound old and new at the same time! Punk, hardcore, skate music and modern sounds all in one. The band creates a unique magic that has earned them a deal with Drakkar Entertainment / Soulfood, among others.

With their new single "SPIT" BIRD'S VIEW bring generations together in the mosh pit and show that handmade music is the most fun after all! With their first song in 2023, BIRD'S VIEW show that they remain young at heart, driven by youthful vigor and eager to break down sonic and ideological barriers.

"Immer erst am Anfang", the first single from the album shows: You can still expect a lot from VIVA!
The new album "Das ist die Wahrheit" is a mixture of rock, pop and punk.

VIVA continue their steep rise in the German rock scene with their first single "Immer erst am Anfang" from the 3rd album.
As usual VIVA: rocking, catchy, honest and uncompromising.

Flo from VIVA about the new single:
"Immer erst am Anfang" was the last song I wrote for the new album "Das ist die Wahrheit". We worked very intensively in different studios and with different producers to bring "our" sound and the love for German music even better on the album. We developed further during this time, especially in "us" personally as a band. So the song is like a best-of summary of our last 1,5 years, in which we worked intensively on the album.