Here come the bats!

Rock'n'Roll hell breaks loose with the title track "Delta Bat" of their debut album. Straight and groovy pushing forward beats and heavy-handed guitars impulsively going forward full throttle like a muscle car... A perfect song for a road trip and having fun!

The new album hits the market July 29th, 2022.
You can pre-order here.


Welcome to the Drakkar family!

Join us in welcoming DELTA BATS.

Delta Bats - a duo that sounds like a punch in the face. With a tool from the construction site. The roller of guitar, bass and drums cuts a swathe between everything that thinks it's brute - and the brute itself. It's a feeling like riding downhill on a skateboard over a gravel track.

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More information about the debut album of the guys will follow soon!

It doesn't take much to be happy. Just a few good friends!

RAUHBEIN's fourth single "Auf die Freundschaft" from the debut album "Steh wieder auf" is a homage to exactly these. True to the motto: "Let the devil take us if he can". This song is pure joie de vivre and another foretaste of the upcoming debut of the newcomer act of the year.

The eagerly awaited album will be released as a limited box set, digipak and digital. You can pre-order the album here.


Besides all the bad news, there is something really good again!

With "Deathrider" the 2nd album of the Rhineland hard rockers from 2006 is finally released on limited vinyl feat. the live grenades "Destroyer" "Legion of Rock" & "The Howling" - full throttle rock until the exhaust blows!
The record is available as limited yellow/red/orange black smoke vinyl and classic black.

You can pre-order the record here.