RAUHBEIN is Irish folk, rock and metal. Massive drums, hard riffs and big choirs make 'Komm mit uns' not only a rousing anthem, but also give a brilliant foretaste of the album 'Steh wieder auf'. One thing is clear: this band will rock the clubs and festivals in 2022.

The debut album 'Steh wieder auf' will be released on March 11th, 2022 and can be pre-ordered here.


Classic Rock as it’s best! “California Queen” is the soundtrack of past times as well as of today. Classic rock vibes meet a fresh and powerful sound. An infectious hook and a singalong chorus makes this an instant favourite for rock and mainstream radios all over the world.

The new album will hit the market November 19th 2021.

You can pre-order the new album here.

News from the Düsseldorf OCHMONEKS:

Two years after the release of their second studio album "DA CAPO", "GEGENWIND", the third work by the Düsseldorf German rockers, is out today.

The fans of the band can be excited. "GEGENWIND" picks up exactly where "DA CAPO" leaves off. Musically, "GEGENWIND" contains energetic, German rock'n'roll - as usual straightforward and to the point!

The album was recorded at Principal Studios.

Welcome to the family!

Dear friends,
we are happy to announce that with RAUHBEIN we have won a newcomer top act for us.
The powerful guitars and loud drums show his rough and tough side, but also the melancholic-romantic has its place with strings and accordion. But it is Henry's unique voice that makes this music so special. In it you can hear the life that has not always made it easy for him. His timbre is warm and strong like a 20-year-old single malt and just as rough and weathered as the ancient oaks of the Highlands.

Come with us and let's go on a journey!

All information about the debut album "Steh wieder auf" will follow soon!