October 21, 2022 will see the release of Born Demon, the sixth studio album by Norwegian trve heavy metal force Sahg.

Following previously-released album single, the blistering "Fall Into The Fire", the trio has now unleashed a brand new song alongside a sick video clip! From its first tone, one can be sure: With "House Of Worship", Sahg brings back the classic heavy metal vibe!

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Alarmbaby are back!

With their new, energetic punk rock song "Erwachsen sein" in their luggage, the Mannheim band present the first sign of life after their debut album. "I don't fit into this world" is the message. A song for all young at heart and rebels.

It's time to distance ourselves again - from the entire competition! Or, to say it even more clearly: The last real punk rock band takes the honors again.

And where others duck away and gloss over things, BRDIGUNG are not afraid to be ugly and call a spade a spade. "Wieder hässlich" is the 8th studio album of a band that remains uncompromisingly true to itself, keeps reinventing itself and still shits on political correctness and social zeitgeist. There is no mincing of words, but punk rock injected into the most diverse genres. An album as a sweeping blow, which mixes up genre-spanning, but also surprises musically with unexpected diversity. From deep songs to aggressive continuous fire, to party tunes, without missing the usual hardness. Get ready for 15 brand new songs, verbal sucker punches, clear announcements and new anthems.

BRDIGUNG are back and it will be "ugly again"!

You can pre-order "Wieder hässlich" here.

Qntal are back again! With their new album "Time stands still" Syrah and Michael Popp open a new chapter in their long band history. For the first time also available on vinyl, the musical elements merge in perfection on "Time stands still". This epic work inspires from the first to the last second.

With the announcement of their new album, Qntal also released a new single "Winterly waves". This extraordinary and atmospheric new song, is the 1st new track of their upcoming album - due to be released November 25th, 2022. "Winterly waves" and the accompanying video relies on a mesmerizing, slower tempo, mounting in an epic, yet cinematic song, transcending QNTAL's trademark sound.

You can pre-order the new album here.