Pretty Karma is the barnstorming second single from the highly anticipated album "Let’s Hear It For The King" out March 4th, 2022.

Dan Reed Network keep their foot to the floor as they power their way through 4 minutes of superb funk rock, all whilst shining a light on the pitfalls of the extreme political and social tribalism that’s afflicting the world right now.

You can listen to 'Pretty Karma' here.

Who would have thought that?!

After the great success of the first two singles, Rauhbein are releasing "Bei dir", the next song from their album "Steh wieder auf", which will be released in March 2022, and this time the band shows a completely different side. Frontman Henry sings about his great love in this song. This new, soulful facet of Rauhbein is further proof that this band has a few aces up its sleeve. This song is longing, love and joy for the reunion!

The debut album 'Steh wieder auf' will be released on 11.03.2022 and can be pre-ordered here.

Watch out for the BEAST!

"EXTRAVAGANZA" is the debut album of the hard rock grunge trio BAD BONE BEAST.
This album turns water into wine and shows who is in charge!

There is no doubt here, because with this powerful and dynamic sound, the newcomers BAD BONE BEAST prove that "EXTRAVAGANZA" is a debut album that no record collection should be without. And you can be sure: This is only the beginning!

News from the Todsünde frontman KREMER.
With the metal cover version of the Montez song 'Auf und ab' , Kremer has taken one of the most successful German rap songs from the year 2021 and gives it the typical Kremer touch.

Kremer proves once again that rap and metal can go together. Turn up the speakers. The new version goes straight into the ear.