Instrustrial metal prophets DIVISION:DARK have announced more details and a brand new song from their upcoming debut album 'Prophecy'.

The previously anonymous five-piece - currently known only as the prophets Ezekiel, Abel, Judas, Aaron and Natanel - have released another single and video clip today, featuring THE AGONIST frontwoman Vicky Psarakis!

TWISTED GAME is spreading the sound of the of the upcoming judgement day.

You can listen to the new single here.

Here it is!

The 5th single 'Wall of lies' from TRI STATE CORNER is another banger of the hit-ladden new album "Stereotype". After the successful release of the Zardonic Remix, Tri State Corner is serving the perfect bouzouki-rock song with the "original-version".

Click here to listen to 'Wall of lies'

The new song "Morning Lights" by Bulgarian heavy weights ODD CREW is a musical adventure with many emotional moments, epic riffs and memorable vocal melodies and lyrics. This song will touch your soul and leave you in deep thoughts. This is the first single from ODD CREW's upcoming sixth studio album.

ODD CREW already revealed on their socials, their new album will be ‘heavier, slow and rough’, as the melancholic, emotional and breathtaking facets of their first single and album opener proves: The song represents the band – who grew up together since they were kids – in a light of despair, struggling for a brighter future. The distinguished vocal parts and these epic riffs showcasing a first taste of the band‘s new, and matured direction.

"I had an emotional outburst and I wrote the riffs for the song in exactly 7 minutes," says guitarist Vasil Parvanovski. "Then I wasted hours sorting and reshaping them until I realized that the original version was the best and they didn't need to be adjusted."

“The gloomy footage in the beginning of the video is deeply connected to the band as it was shot in the neighborhood where we met and grew up”, adds vocalist Vasko Raykov.

Listen to 'Morning lights' here.


SILVERLANE stands for hard riffing guitars and marching drum sounds.

Incredibly energetic and soulful at the same time, the band is presenting the 2nd single “Für immer und ewig” of their upcoming album "INSIDE INTERNAL INFINITY" with a top-class feature with Patty Gurdy. A perfect love song delivered in Silverlane's hard rock brilliance, culminating in an extremely catchy chorus.
This song is a must have for every playlist!

INSIDE INTERNAL INFINITY' will be released on January 28th, 2022 as digipak including a fan poster!

You can pre-order it here.