Imagine that one morning you wake up and suddenly your home is under attack. Because this is exactly the case with our band CrossChains from Kiev.

Today the guys release a very emotional first song with their song 'VELYCH'. In this incredibly difficult time CrossChains managed to record a new song in their native language, which describes all the pain, the endless suffering of their compatriots. Moreover, the band even managed to shoot an incredibly stirring video that shows the soul of Ukraine and the will of its people in the conditions of war: struggles, pain, victories and hope for the liberation of their country and the salvation of Ukraine.



We are very happy to announce the signing of CrossChains - another promising and super talented international act for our band roster. CrossChains will release their new single "Velych" 29th July, 2022 alongside a video.

You can pre-save the single here:

Eugene Heats says: "This news would be much sweeter if a peaceful sky stretched over our cities...
But we still want to tell you about our signing with the  Drakkar Records, which during a difficult time for the band did everything to support our creativity.
You will be able to listen to our new single "VELYCH" on July 29!

Maximilian Föse of Drakkar Entertainment adds:
"When I heard the first demos of CrossChains, I was totally excited. The overall package with these guys is promising and it harmonized great between us from the first minute.
Unfortunately, our planning with the band was totally thrown off by the terrible war that started in their home country! But we are in regular exchange and help the band where we can. That's why we are even happier to finally announce the signing today!
We believe that the signing of CrossChains and the release of 'Velych' will send an important signal. It shows how strong Ukraine and its wonderful people are!"

Bulgarians Odd Crew just released a new video for "In Your Brain". The song is off of their latest CD "Dark Matters (Part I)" which was released on May 27th, 2022. The video continues the black and white concept, as the band promised to release videos on all songs from the album.

 "In Your Brain" is one of those multi-layer compositions that can take you to different places but you'll find yourself headbanging along the way. We had a really good time composing and recording it. From the pure aggression of the intro and mid part to the more gentle touch of the verses and choruses."says drummer Boyan "Bonzy" Georgiev.

A few months ago it was also announced that there will be a full-length movie "Dark Matters - Part I – The Movie". It was aired in movie theatres in Odd Crew's homeland Bulgaria. Now it will be available for online streaming on August 1st, 2022  – a special date for the band as this is the date when Vasko Raykov, Martin Stoyanov, Vasil Parvanovski and Boyan "Bonzy" Georgiev started their musical journey together 24 years ago. The movie tells the story of the band, the story behind the new album and the making of all 8 new videos. The movie will be available on bands' official website ODDCREW.NET


DELTA BATS new single ‘Come tomorrow’ is the perfect song for motorheads and real hard rockers - straight and groovy pushing forward beats and heavy-handed guitars!
The stomping new single is super catchy and makes you wanna sing along after the first chorus. Memorable, heavy, melodic – this is finest Punchrock!

The new album is available as: Digipak CD, Vinyl & Digital and can be ordered here.