EXISTENT are five guys from Hamburg and the surrounding area, who should already be known to some since 2021 at the latest. After the successful release of their "KARTENHAUS" EP, today the album "STILLER HELD", long awaited by fans, is finally out!

On the new record, EXISTENT plays modern German-language rock that likes to surprise with some metal riffs and especially lyrically pushes a decent punk attitude in the face. The musical development of the last years is continued and it is addressed opinionated, what should not fall under the table! "STILLER HELD" serves but also the positive events in life. You can also look forward to hymnic tracks that force you to sing along.

The new album is availaable as limited gold/black splatter vinyl, gold vinyl, limited fan box, digipak incl. poster and of course digitally!

Order here: https://www.music-merchant.shop/de/existent/



The German metal band TODSÜNDE now breaks the last chain and releases their new single "Das ist Zorn", from the highly anticipated new long player "Herzjagd".

For their 5th single release "Das ist Zorn!" from the new album "Herzjagd", the guys from TODSÜNDE got some reinforcement on board. Together with SILENZER frontman Chris there is again a good portion of modern metal served. The song is a mosh pit guarantor for all TODSÜNDE shows and another proof that the band will unstoppably make its way to the German metal Olympus!

After the Italian alternative rock trio, LOST ZONE, just recently shared an acoustic version of "Burst Like A Dynamite", the band just premiered a stunning version of their song "Other Side (acoustic)" last Friday, featuring Tracy Merano on guest vocals! Both tracks will be released with their upcoming new CD edition, entitled Resilience - Full Circle

"The original version of "Other Side" is definitely one of the heaviest songs, which we have written so far, but the basic core of the title is very emotional. It's about that one important person bringing you back to the "other side" again and again. That's why we liked the idea of trying out the combination of a male and female voice. We just wrote to Tracy, sent her a demo and she was immediately up for the project." LOST ZONE singer Florian reveals.


Following their self released EP "Chapter I: Chaos", the dutch 4-piece modern Metal act has just premiered the sequel "Chapter II: Heartache".
Previous released songs with features of JETT REBEL for the single "Waves" and mighty, Nu Metal heavy weights DROPOUT KINGS for the single "Control", the band has shared another video single now for the song "Divided" feat. DREAMHOUSE.

The new, catchy songs can be heard very soon, when THE LAST ELEMENT is opening the show in Vredenburg - Tivoli for ASKING ALEXANDRIA, June 13th, 2023.

"GESCHICHTEN" fill our hearts with the nostalgia of events just experienced or even long ago. Almost radio-ready, the five Hamburgers from EXISTENT get us in the mood for the new album "STILLER HELD".

While the last songs are very forward, "GESCHICHTEN" leaves ONE moment to lean back, take a deep breath, turn on the head cinema and remember. Of all the beautiful moments together with friends, strokes of fate - which almost made us break - and decisions we made. Whether right or wrong is not always clear.

No matter how shitty a mistake felt - as long as we can laugh about it together later, maybe it was only half as bad. Knowing that doubts and hurdles have been overcome may give reason to keep telling the stories and look toward the future with hope.

German up-and-coming metalcore act, ESCAPE FROM WONDERLAND, has signed a worldwide record deal with Drakkar Entertainment / Soulfood Music.

Born in 2012, yet re-formed in 2016, the band released their much-acclaimed, self-titled debut EP in 2019, followed by numerous shows with scene acts such as Attila, Emil Bulls, Veil Of May among many more. While ESCAPE FROM WONDERLAND are currently gearing up for their first full-length album to be released on Drakkar Entertainment soon, the Stuttgart-based five-piece has just shared a music video for new single "Dissimulate"!

A little over a month ago it is now that 33RPM have thrown the question into the room "You have drunk varnish, right?".

On 28.4. now already comes the next single of the guys! This is then single number 3 of the future album, which will be released in November 2023. Some may now certainly ask the question: "Have they drunk about varnish?"

The new single is called "Euer Leben" and deals with the topic of how short and transient but our life on earth is so. In a way, it's even a bit of a continuation of Lack gesoffen - only with a bit of "back to future" spirit. A positive motivational anthem that appeals to the child in all of us: "Go out, be different real and free, because this is your life and it goes by so fast".

With "Too Old" the alternative rock young stars BIRD'S VIEW present their 5th and last single before the release of their debut album "Red Light Habits" which will be released on May 19, 2023. In a way, "Too Old" is the complete antithesis to all other singles released so far. Slow and hypnotizing, singer Niko sings about saying what you think. Don't think too much and just be clear in what you think and say it. If you fall down, get back up! "Too Old" gets under your skin. The cinematic music video for the song is another reason why the band has long since left the title of "insider tip" behind and is making more and more of a name for itself on its way to the rock Olympus.


Following their much-acclaimed debut album, Resilience, self-released in 2022, Italian alternative rock act LOST ZONE has inked a worldwide record deal with Drakkar Entertainment / Soulfood Music. July 14, 2023 will see the up-coming band release a new CD edition, entitled Resilience - Full Circle, featuring nine exclusive acoustic versions and 11 powerful rock tracks!

In support of their upcoming, new album edition of Resilience - Full Circle, today, LOST ZONE released a music video for "Burst Like A Dynamite" (Acoustic) featuring Patrick Strobl of South Tirol-based folkrock band MAINFELT! Watch the new LOST ZONE clip here:


So personal, so calm and yet direct there is TODSÜNDE rarely to hear. The result definitely provides goosebumps and the desire to take his mom in the arm. "Mein Herz gehört dir" is a song for eternity that you should not withhold from your parents!  This modern metal ballad is authentic, honest and the chorus just invites you to sing along!

The third single from the new Todsünde album "Herzjagd", which will be released on 16.06.23, is another promising foretaste of the new long player and shows the guys from a whole new facet!

Singer Erik says about the song:

What could be more beautiful than the love between mother and child? The mother who always stands by your side, supports you in all situations. Even if you "fuck up" in German, she will always be there. Trying to keep mischief away from you and to protect you in all situations.  On 21.04.23 our next single "Mein Herz gehört dir" will be released. And this time you can expect a number that you might have expected less from us. An emotional song with goosebumps guarantee.