The bouzouki rockers from TRI STATE CORNER are hitting the road hard.

Since the release date of the new album Stereotype unfortunately had to be pushed back a bit, the guys released the title track last week Friday as a lyric video on YouTube.



The wait is over!
'ICH FICKE GERN' is the name of KREMER's first single.

With the polarising new edition of the song 'Ich ficke gern', "Kremer" sends a message in a duet with "Mia Julia" to get rid of prejudices and to show that you should go your own way and stand above certain statements.


TRI STATE CORNER served up the next sample from their upcoming record 'STEREOTYPE' last week on Friday with 'RUN AWAY'.

With 'Schemer' & 'Hypocrisia' there were already the first two appetizers. The new single once again sticks its finger deep into a major social wound.

Merciful with the strong , the weak against the wall. 'Run Away' is the next hit guarantee that blows any headwind out of the way without compromise.

You can pre-order the new album here.

And this is how the new single sounds!



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unfortunately we have to postpone the release date of the new album 'Stereotype' to 01 October due to the current COVID-19 situation and insurmountable difficulties with the vinyl production.
But we certainly won't let this get us down!!!
To bridge the waiting time, we will work together with the band on a few highlights for you.

We are very happy to announce, that the mighty CARL SENTANCE is the newest member of the DRAKKAR family.

Since 2015, he is the member of the rock legends in NAZARETH and has signed a world wide record deal with us.

We are super excited to share everything what is coming up with you soon.



The bouzouki-rockers in TRI STATE CORNER serve with 'HYPOCRISIA' the next single from their upcoming LP 'STEREOTYPE'.

After the band has already reported back impressivley with 'Schemer', the second single release follows now. And the chorus goes straight into the ear without any detours.

The song is about sincerity, truthfulness, openess & fairness. Virtues that are unfortunately no longer taken for granted these days.


You can preorder the new album here.

The new single you can find here.



Welcome to the family!

We are very happy to develop our Artist Rooster with the 5 Austrians in SILENZER.

SILENZER stands for a breath of fresh air in the hard 'n' heavy scene and merges rock with metalcore to form a powerful unit. And the whole thing provided with German lyrics makes their sound unique and outstanding.

Even live these guys were able to let off some steam already. They shared the stage with international top acts such as AS I LAY DYING, HATEBREED and STICK TO YOUR GUNS.


Get yourselfs ready for everything that awaits you



Many sources look at the origin of the Division in different ways and interpret it in their own way. However, the origin of the Division actually leads to the last century to make it available to everyone in this century.

Mankind is now ready.
The Division will not come to lead anyone. Its journey is also your journey! It will take you with it. You will be a part of it without even realizing it. There is no turning back.

Division:Dark is an international musical elite that develops bombastic industrial metal, taking it to a new level of sophisticated brutality and catchiness. The world will be electrified! Division:Dark will amplify its appearance with vocals, strings, drums and synth. It is a coming together of world-class musicians, which makes the musical essence appear ever new, but still remains true to the style of Division:Dark -hard, black, melodic, seductive and passionate!

Musically, there may be similarities to previous bands. However, Division, by its very nature, will always redefine and evolve. The unexpected is to be expected.
In the music, life is reflected with all its facets. Division:Dark is the coming together of a ravishing rock group of many faces, with members as strange as they are charismatic, never letting their unconventional shows go unnoticed. The musical manifest offers varied material with ballads, mid- and up- tempo numbers and has been worked out to brilliance in their own halls of fame.
Be ready for the revelation. The day of final judgment will soon dawn. Fall or jump, sink or swim. The journey begins now!


The wait is over!
'PALE HORSE' is the name of WINTER's first single release from the upcoming album 'PALE HORSE'.

It is man himself who brings death into the world. With this key message, the musical journey of WINTER and its first single for the new album begins. Dark worlds of sound meet earthy guitar riffs.

Below you can find the video as well as the link to all streaming platforms.

You can preorder the new album here.