"Breaking News" , and especially the accompanying lyric video, is about today's world situation and it poses the question in what direction mankind is headed.

Today is the day – QNTAL release their new album "VIII – Nachtblume"!

"Run Red" is the first single, taken from the new album "Alarms!", which will be released on May 18th, 2018.

Schattenmann release their debut album "Licht An" today!

Tri State Corner will release their new album "Hero" on April 27th, 2018!

The new and fifth album of the trio from Birmingham is out today.

Another exciting and emotional single that shows yet another side of Schattenmann!

"Nachtblume" is not only the title track of the 8th album by QNTAL but it's also their third single and accompanied by an official music video of Syrah and Co.

After four years Thaurorod return with their third album "Coast Of Gold".

In two weeks' time the new album of these Brummies - "Watching The World Come Undone" (Out February 23rd, 2018) - will be in stores! What better reason (and time) for Templeton Pek to release another single.