SILENZER actually brings the fans a wide range of hard metal music into the house. With the last album "X" they even made it into the official German album charts in 2022!
But on their upcoming mini - EP "B & A" the 5 Austrians once again showcase the broad spectrum of their music and strike softer tones! A dark and morbid interplay of piano, cello and acoustic guitars shows SILENZER in a new guise and presents the fans a surprising musical experience. With their piano version of their hit "Deine Nähe tut weh" the guys not only give us a first taste of their EP, but once again show their songwriting talent.

Guitarist Dave about the single:

"With the piano version of our song "Deine Nähe Tut weh" we want to give our quieter and more soulful side the stage it deserves. A very meaningful song in our band history wrapped in a new garment."

On January 6th, the last real punk rock band BRDIGUNG is going to release their new full-length studio album, entitled WIEDER HÄSSLICH.

For 20 years now, BRDIGUNG have been unabatedly wreaking havoc in the German music landscape. Regular chart successes and countless club shows and festival gigs under their belt, but still no sign of fatigue.

The four guys from Kempen (NRW) stand for uncompromising sound, snotty humor, and a rarely-seen joy of experimentation that breaks the boundaries of different musical genres. Metallic riff thunderstorms, straight punk, electronic party rock, or soft ballads.

BRDIGUNG continue to be versatile following the previously released, two tracks "Tune in MF" & “Brennt den Club ab”. Today the band has shared their new song + video for their new single "Niemals aufgewacht"

The German rock band EXISTENT delivers us with "SCHREI" a party hit of modern catchy alternative rock guitars and a catchy chorus vocal line that puts you in a celebratory mood for the weekend! Youthful punk attitude meets post-Covid mood and a cosmopolitan togetherness.

"SCHREI" lets the images of wild nights from carefree times pass before the inner eye. With their new single, the five guys from EXISTENT not only make you want to listen to a new album, but also to go around the houses together again in post-Covid times. Alternative rock guitars meet fat drum beats, with singer Marcel inviting us to a horny time together. While the world is currently trying mightily to spoil our mood, we should appreciate the beautiful moments in life all the more and dance "so lang' es geht'".

Singer Marcel on the single:

"The song was created when the first clubs and bars opened their doors again and we had to somehow process all this energy that was suddenly felt again. I remember very well how I stood in the club on my first evening on the Hamburger Berg and in a sea of people met all the people again who seemed to have disappeared for half an eternity. It was simply everything like it used to be! This evening of emotions, hugs, music and lots of drinks, felt like a cry of liberation that made all the worries from the past years disappear for a moment."

In their early twenties and they are just getting started: Following a debut EP and their recent signing with Drakkar Entertainment, up-and-coming BIRDS VIEW are gearing up to take the world of rock 'n' roll by storm! The refreshing combination of a riff-driven, loud and catchy sound, that channels the flavor of groups like Foo Fighters, Turnstile or Queens Of The Stone Age, already seen them winning prestigious prizes (German Rock & Pop Award 2019, JBL Back to Stage, etc.) and working with some of the biggest names in the German music scene.

BIRD'S VIEW have premiered a brand new single, that already showcases an enthralling sneak peak of a full album to be released in the not so distant future! "Phoning" is a mix of grim guitars, catchy beats and trendy melodies, as the band says: „The main goal of that track was to start with a riff that simply blows you away… we think it worked out."

Welcome to the Drakkar family!

We are incredibly happy to introduce another great new act to our roster: EXISTENT.

What started as a fixed idea of longtime friends on a whim, gave a first sign of life with the 2013 released EP "Ein neuer Weg" and finally came to life in 2016 with the release of the debut album "Startschuss" (Remedy Records/Rude Records).

Almost 10 years after their first release, the 5 guys are now pitching their tents in the Drakkar camp and will release their new album "STILLER HELD" in the coming summer of 2023. It is already clear: the musical development of recent years will be continued and it will be addressed opinionated, which must not fall under the table!

Singer Marcel on the signing:

"We are incredibly happy to be signed to Drakkar. Since our last EP "Kartenhaus" the band has developed furiously, which is why we are now even happier to continue this development with Jochen and Max and of course the entire Soulfood and Believe team. There is a lot planned and the first news will follow already in the coming days".

With their new single "Ohne dich", ALARMBABY release the most personal song so far and a real November anthem with goosebumps guarantee!

With their strong character mixture of 80s synth sound, untamed indie rock and the haunting voice of powerhouse Mary, ALARMBABY already earned the status of "the next hot thing" among music connoisseurs.

With "Ohne Dich" the band now delivers a true goosebump November anthem.
The ambivalence is also reflected musically: the driving uptempo, 80ish synth sound is the clear counterpart to singer Mary's emotional lyrics. A song full of sadness and melancholy, yet not a "classic" sad song. This song is for eternity, quite unlike life.

Welcome to the Drakkar family!
We are happy to announce our newest addition to our artist roster. BIRD'S VIEW, formed in 2019 is a four-piece band that sounds like pure Rock 'n' Roll and only knows one direction - forward! 20-22 years old and just getting started, they’ve already won prestigious prizes (German Rock & Pop Award 2019, JBL Back to Stage, etc.) and worked with some of the biggest names in the German music scene.
With a debut EP full of loud, catchy, riff-driven music under their belts and a debut album in the works, Bird’s View are ones to watch – you might just learn something about rock 'n' roll.

The Band says:

We’re beyond happy to have found a top partner with Drakkar and Believe! We look forward to working together and to everything that we’ll move!


The first single 'PHONING' will be out next Friday and can be pre-saved here.


With brute guitar riffs BRDIGUNG ring in the second chapter of their upcoming album "Wieder hässlich". A powerful anthem that wants to be turned up loud and invites you to sing along. Whether alone in the living room with the neighbors, in the club or at the next party. This is your sound! This is BRDIGUNG

Julez from BRDIGUNG about the song:

"Of course we had to waive a lot during the corona time. The song was therefore also born out of a longing. The longing for normality. To finally be able to go out again, to party together, to drink, to enjoy the time. And of course it should also put you in a good mood in times when this is more than necessary for a lot of people."

Every great band has a moment when everything falls elegantly into place. Norway’s premier exponents of thunderous and doomy metal, Sahg have finally reached theirs. 16 years on from the release of the band’s debut album, Sahg I, they are poised to return in 2022 with their sixth and finest studio record, Born Demon. A bombastic tour-de-force of high-octane, post-Sabbath riffing and meticulously crafted and macabre songwriting, Born Demon represents a total renewal for this most elusive of overdriven crews.

From the piledriving occult doom of the title track to the widescreen menace of the closing Destroyer Of The Earth, Born Demon sounds more like a kicking, spitting debut record than a veteran band’s sixth opus. Forged around the fizzing chemistry enjoyed by Olav Iversen, Mads Lilletvedt and bassist Tony Vetaas, Sahg have stripped things down to the beautiful basics.

In sonic terms, Born Demon is a vibrant and visceral experience. Palpably live-sounding and scabrous with rough edges, it also exerts a level of bowel-rattling power that only a truly old school recording could achieve. Proudly flying the flag for the sound of a real band playing in real time, this band has remained true to their original ethos.

You can order Born Demon here.

Where modernity and the past collide with elemental force, where space and time foam out of their and time foam out of their traditional paths and borders melt into gently meandering waves.
there is the sphere of QNTAL. An ever-changing refuge, oscillating,
iridescent and mysterious. And from its pulsating interior it gives birth to a new work with "time stands still", the ninth album in its thirty-year history.

They are pioneers of their genre - QNTAL present their unique medieval-electro mix with their new single "Don't Fear The Reaper" from their upcoming LP "time stands still". Profound, thoughtful, mellow and a little eerie, this track encourages you to think outside the box. Do yourself a favor. It's worth it.

You can pre-order the new album here.