Viva is back!

After the sensational debut of "Lebenslang", which entered the german album charts on #25 in May 2020, VIVA is back with their new record "UNSER WEG". And how! This time, our 4 favourite francs were able to secure #18 in the album charts, which is really incredible.

We are very proud of this great achievement and congratulate from the bottom of our hearts.

"Unser Weg" reinforces, why VIVA have marched to the top of the German rock scene in such a short time.
Powerful, dynamic and self-confident it pops out of your stereo system again!

The new album "UNSER WEG" is still availible here!



Another song about friends? Really now?


Yes! There are topics that cannot be sung about often enough.

The challenge is to keep approaching a topic from different angles and to get to the heart of the matter.

Heinz Rühmann & Hans Albers said everything in 1930 with "A friend, a good friend"

What needs to be said about friends and friendship - Over 90 years later, the topic of friends and friendship still has the same radiance.

"Show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are": This sentence is as old as it is true and for us more than a proverb.

"SHOW ME YOUR FRIENDS" is our homage to what really matters.

The fact that the thing has become a hymn that has to be sung out loud from the first chorus was no coincidence, it was purely intentional.

With this in mind: SHOW US YOUR FRIENDS!


The new single 'ZEIG MIR DEINE FREUNDE' is available on all digital platforms from June 4th, 21st.



"PALE HORSE" is the name of the new long player from the German dark industrial project "WINTER". It is already the ninth album and impresses with consistently successful songwriting, memorable melodies and goth rock covers.


The new album comes as digipak and double LP in silver. The digipak includes one bonus track.

Tracklist - »Pale Horse«

01 Dancing Into Danger
02 Original Sinner
03 Dark Light
04 Beginning Of An End
05 Thunder Strike
06 Face To Face
07 Bride Of The Meadow
08 Sweet Desdemona
09 Break Of Dawn
10 Mad World
11 Wanna Know Why
12 A Million Days
13 Mercy
14 Fire Down Below
15 Heart Of A Warrior
16 Pale Horse
17 I Wanna Live

The new Winter record »Pale Horse« will be released 08th October 2021 and can be pre-ordered from now on here:


After the sensational debut album "Lebenslang", which entered the official album charts at number 25 in May 2020, VIVA is coming back with their new longplayer "UNSER WEG".
"Unser Weg" underlines why VIVA has marched to the top of the German rock scene in such a short time.
Powerful, dynamic and self-confident, it pops out of the boxes again. Doubt? No, this is not existing!
Because they stay as they are and they love life.
Viva is back!

With their new record »Stereotype« ,Tri State Corner is ready to continue to revolutionize the Bouzouki-Rock.
The success story will not only be continued, but will also set new standards.

Dear friends of DRAKKAR ENTERTAINMENT, finally we now have a webshop dedicated to offer DRAKKAR releases - old, new and upcoming.

»Jahresringe« picks up where »Tränenreich« left off in 2014 - with emotional and personal songs.

Our promising newcomer Alarmbaby remain on course with their single »Influenza«, which is released today and they are heading straight for the release of their debut album!

The new Double Experience album Alignments is only two weeks old and there is already something new from the two Canadians: An alternate version of the Stephen King tribute Your Biggest Fan.

The time has come: »Haunted« is another milestone for The Other equaling “We Are Wo We Eat” and it will significantly influence the years to come for the band.