Watch out for the BEAST!

With "EXTRAVAGANZA", BAD BONE BEAST serve up a debut album that no record collection should be without. And you can be sure: This is only the beginning! The new album is now available for pre-order here.

With "EXTRAVAGANZA", the hard rock grunge trio BAD BONE BEAST turns water into wine and shows who is in charge!

The first single from the new longplayer "BACK IN THE GAME" is now available on all streaming platforms.
Turn up the speakers! The song blows everything away like a hurricane.


Finally the time has come!

"Electric Eye" is the name of the new solo album by Carl Sentance (singer of the rock legends NAZARETH). One thing is immediately clear when listening to the songs: Carl Sentance does not do things by halves. Each song goes immediately into the ear. Every song invites to headbanging & singing along.

Songs like "Exile" or "Overload" are punchy, catchy and powerful. And they are above all one thing: timeless. All songs on the album have a distinct character of their own, which is just as convincing today as it will be tomorrow.

You can pre order the album here.

With 'I Universe', SILVERLANE are back with unimagined power! After more than 10 years since their last release, the exceptional talents show that they are still full of energy.

The first single, from their new studio album 'INSIDE INTERNAL INFINITY', blows all the dust of past days off the speakers and strikes with full force. The production of the 10 brand new album songs is punchy, catchy and powerful. Every song is fun and invites you to headbang.

INSIDE INTERNAL INFINITY' will be released on January 28th, 2022 as digipak including a fan poster!

You can pre-order it here.

SILENZER are back from their festival break with their new song "Abgrund" (Abyss) and present us with the third single from the album to be released in spring 2022!
The song takes up the personal experience around the topic of suicide and love and is refined with an impressive video production. The band once again plays impressively with the metalcore and rock genre and seamlessly follows the two predecessors "Deine Nähe Tut Weh" and "eX".

The melancholic - gloomy story of the video takes up the topic of suicide in an eerie and at the same time touching way and rounds off the third release of the five Austrians in a visually powerful way!

The new album 'X' will be released on 25.02.2022 and can be pre-ordered here.

Welcome to the Drakkar Family!

We are beyond excited to announce that we teamed up with SAHG.

Sahg, Norway’s high guardians of doomed heavy metal are about to bring back true Norwegian Heavy Metal. Classic heavy metal for the new age, with a hang towards the occult, resentment/aversion for religion, and a gloomy stare into the inevitable apocalypse, all served with a fair dose of cold Norwegian Blackness.

Sahg’s first release on Drakkar Entertainment will be out in 2022.

Drakkar Entertainment is now on Spotify.

There we will compile a variety of playlists for you, where you will find songs from the current release year as well as best-of playlists from days gone by.
You can find our profile here:


The journey begins now!

PROPHECY, Division:Dark's debut album, promises an absolute firework of vocal diversity with the top-class cast of features, which, however, never loses the common thread through the production. The 13 songs on the album were recorded with no fewer than 14 different singers from the metal and dark scene.

The honor are given under other names such as Seeb (Orden Ogan), Vicky Psarakis (The Agonist), Chris Pohl (Blutengel), Eric Fish (Subway to Sally) and Lex (Megaherz). The brute production of the songs, paired with the large vocal range, lets PROPHECY shine out of the darkness in a dazzling light.

PROPHECY will be availible as Digipak & limited Boxset and can be pre-ordered here.



SILVERLANE are back after ten years with the announcement of their brand new album!

Inside Internal Infinity will be released on January 28th, 2022 on Drakkar Entertainment and marks the third studio album in the band's history.

With a new line-up and the finest metal in their luggage, the exceptional talents show that they are still full of energy.

All information about the pre-sale start of the new record and the first album single will follow soon.

Welcome Back Silverlane!

With the polarising new edition of the song "Ich ficke gern", "Kremer" caused a furore in the German-language rock scene with his first single in a duet with Ballermann star "Mia Julia". Now the second cover single "Cordula Grün" follows.

The second single is now availible on all straming platforms.

Click here for the song:



For all those who have been waiting a long time for new music from DRN, the time has finally come!
The official pre-sale for the new album "Let's Hear It For The King" starts today.
You can pre-order the album as Digipak, Vinyl (black & purple) and as Boxset here.

The first single "STARLIGHT" will be available tomorrow on all streaming platforms.
You can pre-save the song here:

The matching video is already available for you.