Sodom - Vinyle


It’s the return of the magnificent three. Five years after their last raid “Dead Man’s Hand”, Dezperadoz got their horses saddled once again to conquer even the last corner of the Wild West. As was the case in their glorious past, they can rely upon an explosive arsenal of meaty, straight-on Heavy Metal and the best of every single Western soundtrack ever written, thus forming an unholy and striking alliance. Forged under the desert moon, it’s as inseparable as beans and bacon, as Sergio Leone and Ennio Morricone.

Already famous for their thorough and authentic conceptual albums in the past, Kraft and his two relentless comrades up the ante once again. “Call of the Wild” is inspired by one of Wild West’s biggest heroes ever – Billy the Kid. Infamous gunslinger, notorious womaniser and hotshot for some, cold-blooded murderer for others. “He was a young, tough, bragging swashbuckle, but at the same time well educated, polite, diligent and intelligent,” Kraft muses. “A rebel and a thorn in every cattle dealer’s flesh.” A legend like that couldn’t go better with a bold troupe like Dezperadoz. For years, Kraft worked on this elaborate concept and tried to unmask the figure behind the myth. With “Call of the Wild”, he built him a loud, wild, unforgettable monument with which Billy himself, it is safe to assume, would be more than happy.