There is something archaic in Rock'n'Roll, a wild and ferocious edge, as untamed and insane as a wild beast. There are those who harness this quality, those who are willingly devoured by it. And there are those who only pretend to get it. Who studied Rock'n'Roll like they studied Algebra. All it takes to find out where Danish Rock heavyweights I'll Be Damned set up camp is the opening track (aptly titled „Fever“) of their stormy debut album „I'll Be Damned“. „Rock and roll music, if you like it, if you feel it, you can't help but move to it. That's what happens to me. I can't help it“, Elvis Presley once said. Not about I'll Be Damned in particular, of course, but about the same values these guys stand for. You want to move, that's what happens when you listen to I'll Be Damned. You want to bang your head and to tear the fucking place apart! A beer would also help...

Ill Be Damned Cover


13.05.2017 DE - Neu-Wulmstorf @ Metal Bash
15.07.2017 DE - 21079 Hamburg @ Apes Enraged Festival
26.08.2017 DE - Wörrstadt @ Neuborn Open Air Festival

Supporting Dizzy Mizz Lizzy:

 08.06.2017 DE - Oberhausen @ Kulttempel
09.06.2017 DE - Hamburg, Knust
10.06.2017 DE - Berlin, Frannz CLub