To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Glasgow Celtic's  European Cup win of 1967, Folk'n'Rollers THE WAKES have penned a new song to commemorate this historic occasion. "Lisbon67" is the A-side of "Paradise to Millerntor", the new single release from the band and available May 26th 2017 as strictly limited 7-Inch Vinyl and digital download. May 25th 1967. The night the Lion roared, when  eleven homegrown Scots, born within a thirty mile radius of Glasgow, defeated Inter Milan to become the first British team to win the European Cup is celebrated in this track.

Side B "My Heart Is In St. Pauli (Braun-Weiß)" is another celebration of sorts, this time across the great North Sea to Hamburg, Germany and to the St. Pauli district, home to the famous harbour, the infamous Reeperbahn and the Millerntor stadium where FC St. Pauli play their football.

"Paradise to Millerntor" is a tribute to two football teams, whose place in the modern game is a testament to the supporters who fill the stands each week, with dreams and songs to sing.


You can preorder now from iTunes as well as a limited edition 7" vinyl via bandcamp:

7" Vinyl bundle deal (Vinyl + Wakes Lisbon67 t-shirt + Wakes Lisbon67 pin badge bundle)
7" Vinyl

Get preordering please folks! More details to follow!