For fans of the scene Thaurorod should be a household name that gained attention with their refreshing take on Power Metal. Four years after their previous release the band is now back in action and ready to unleash new music soon!

“You can clearly hear where the roots of these guys lie and in what time they started as a band. – Other bands from that time decided to go into different directions with their sound and style. But I believe that there are still a lot of fans out there, who are fond of this energetic and anthemic Power Metal style. – That’s why we at Drakkar look forward to be working with Thaurorod and helping them in pursuing their vision to the best of our abilities.” – Jonathan Geschwill (Drakkar Entertainment)

“We are absolutely eagerly looking forward to the co-operation with Drakkar! The vibe has all been very positive and creative with the record label and we believe this will carry on for years and years to come. Feels like a fresh start.
After this long but still very educational album production process, with self-recording, mixing and mastering the whole thing, we are full of power and energy. The band is impatiently waiting to hit the stages after the new album will enter the record stores worldwide. We are back!“ – Pasi (Thaurorod)

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