Danceable yet full of dark and mystic atmosphere this song was inspired by the German poet Joseph von Eichendorff. - Watch the lyric video on youtube:

"With the pulsating music of Qntal you can immerse yourself in a mixture of rhythms, driving beats and dark sounds. "Die finstere Nacht" is a song that does not seem to end and as a listener you hear only a small section of a song that continues to pulsate without beginning and ending. The poem by Eichendorff grew dear to us during the production and we tried to capture our associations with the musical realization - a hunt in the darkness past a castle, past pictures that appear like clouds and immediately disappear. Michaels voice perfectly underlines these dark romantic pictures of a rider, pale girl, the dark night and a never-ending ride. Definitely not a wellness-song listened to on sheepskin by the fireplace, but instead a wild adventure. A song about the unconscious, fears, delusions, like in a fairytale. A song that invites every listener to connect their own experiences and feelings with it." - Syrah/QNTAL

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