The track as well as the video are brimming with rock'n'roll-attitude. Just put the pedal to the metal, switch gears and let out the inner bastard. - Everyone knows that feeling, right? - Watch the music video:

You can preorder the album here:


Here's an important update regarding the TWO versions of the box set:
As you've probably heard by now, the new Motorjesus album will also be released in a limited box set.


>>>>This box set is available in TWO versions!<<<<

VERSION 1: Only available via EMP this box includes a Motorjesus flag!

Motorjesus - Race To Resurrection (Box Variante 1: EMP exklusiv)
Preorder here:

VERSION 2: In all the other stores you can get the box including patch and sweatband (instead of the flag!):

Motorjesus - Race To Resurrection (Box Variante 2)
Here are a few stores to choose from: AMAZON - JPC - NUCLEAR BLAST - AFM

IMPORTANT: Due to the fact that the production of the box took longer than expected, the version with patch and sweatband will be available from June 21st on in most stores. An exception is the AFM store (you should be able to receive the box in time of the release on June 15th.). The EMP will also be delivered in time (in case you've preordered) on June 15th.

We apologize for any delays and hope for your understanding.