Expect the unexpected when listening to this gem and always remember: God Damned Rock’n’Roll for the masses!

Get it here: https://lnk.to/RoadToDisorder

"I'LL BE DAMNED is a madhouse. Awesome tunes and insane singer and working on getting that live energy into the grooves is a great journey. Its a playroom when we do an album and there are no boundaries. This time we even added strings courtesy of Jon Phipps (Moonspell, Amorphis etc.) and other weirdo things. It is a great album that I hope people will get into." - Tue Madsen (Antfarm Studios DK)


I'LL BE DAMNED live 2018:
Sep 27 2018 Sønderborghus - Sønderborg, Denmark
Sep 28 2018 Turbinen - Randers, Denmark
Sep 29 2018 Studenterhuset - Aalborg, Denmark
Oct 05 2018 Bygningen - Vejle, Denmark
Oct 18 2018 Tøjhuset - Fredericia, Denmark
Oct 19 2018 Godset - Kolding, Denmark
Oct 20 2018 Kansas City - Odense, Denmark
Oct 25 2018 Gimle - Roskilde, Denmark
Oct 26 2018 Vega - Copenhagen, Denmark
Oct 27 2018 Fonden Voxhall - Aarhus, Denmark

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