Shortly afterwards Motorjesus went on an extensive tour through Germany to celebrate the album with the people and to resurrect the rock'n'roll spirit in their very own fashion. As a look behind the scenes and small gift for all the fans (old and new) and supporters who were there, the guys made a video, capturing life on the road. It features »Speedway Sanctuary« – one of the favorite tracks on »Race To Resurrection«.

You can see the clip here:

Of course, the album is available everywhere:

Motorjesus will keep rocking live on the following dates:
15.06.2019 - Windeck-Rosbach, Kärbholz Heimspiel Festival
22.06.2019 - Duisburg, Rage against Racism Open Air
27.07.2019 - Essen, Nord Open Air
03.08.2019 - Oldenburg, Tabularaaza Festival
02.10.2019 - Augsburg, Spectrum

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