Like many others in the UK and the rest of the world, they are both fascinated and horrified by what's been going on in the past few years. As to the album title, the band felt that as the world is filled with unsolicited opinions from people telling you what you should think, do and feel, they should make a contribution; so, this is Hawk Eyes’ contribution, their »Advice« to the world.

1. Royal Trouble
2. Follow Me
3. Never Lead Me
4. New Greek Fire
5. Perfect Again
6. Advice
7. Smokes (feat. Richard O'Brien)
8. Hand In My Heart Cage
9. State Of Opposition
10. Win On Win
11. Keep 'em Cold

»Royal Trouble« is not only the first single, but also the opening track on »Advice« - a huge song with a huge chorus serving as a fitting reintroduction to the band! - Check out the official lyric video:

Hawk Eyes will release »Advice« on September 6th. - Preorders are available now:

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