MOTORJESUS Dirty Pounding Gasoline


The first album release Dirty Pounding Gasoline cleared the way for Motorjesus (formerly known as “The Shitheadz”) and their professional music career back in 2005. Sometimes it was a bumpy road during their already 25+ years lasting journey, but with the very successful Wheels Of Purgatory (2010) release, Motorjesus got into higher gear. Afterwards they have played countless gigs – big or small stages, headliner or support act, large festivals or village events – no matter what – they rocked it all.

The releases Wheels Of Purgatory (2010) and Electric Revelation (2014) have received the much sought-after vinyl tuning already and with the 10 years anniversary the time has come to honour Dirty Pounding Gasoline too. It comes in a very special vinyl/artwork design and is strictly limited to 500 copies!

Besides they are currently working on a new album, scheduled for September 2016.