Germany's biggest horror punk band has always been hopelessly addicted to monsters, outsiders, serial killers, phantoms, nightmares and creatures bred in hidden laboratories; on »Haunted« we encounter fear and loathing in a different form. Rod Usher, figurehead of horror, knows why: The eighth album of his undead army is the most personal so far. And most painful. It is the necessary artistic processing of a rather violent experience and even greater disappointment.
Tracklist - »Haunted«
01. Mark of the Devil
02. We're all Dead
03. Turn it Louder
04. Dead to You / Dead to Me
05. Was uns zerstört
06. On my Skin
07. 1408 & 217
08. Vampire Girl
09. Absolution
10. Fading Away
11. Creepy Crawling
12. To Hell and Back
13. The Silence after the first Snow
But we’ll let the music do the talking and present to you the first single as well as an hauntingly beautiful lyric video. »We’re All Dead« is a perfect horror punk track:
The new album »Haunted« will be released on June 12th 2020 and is available for preorder: