The new single "Himmel" by ZSK is an anti-war song that tells of powerlessness, anger, but also of strength and solidarity.
Himmel" is the first single from the new ZSK album "Hass↯Liebe", which will be released on 10th February 2023.

With the seventh official album "Hass↯Liebe", ZSK continue their path in the old punk rock manner. The band became known for their strong political opinions in songs like "Antifaschista" and "Kein Mensch ist illegal" and with their new longplayer, ZSK once again send a clear signal against the right. In every song, there is a love of music on the one hand and a little bit of anger on the other. ZSK have a unique style, which has an extremely high recognition value, especially due to Joshi's voice, and this time, too, will sweep away all layers of fans.

You can pre-order "Hass↯Liebe" here.