Forget the trends and fuck the fashion: Delta Bats’ new track is a straight-ahead Punk Rock love song, dedicated to legendary British singer Wendy James. No-holds-barred low blows of drum and bass, mangy vocals, and riffs that don't even try to sound virtuosic. This is Punchrock. We love you Wendy James.

Following previously-released, first singles "Delta Bat" and the stoner-esque track "Hollow", today the Bats have premiered a brand new, hilarious music video for "Wendy James", a sequel to the "Delta Bat" video clip! Drummer Toby comments: "The Delta Bats love Wendy James. And you’re gonna love the Delta Bats. For this song. Forget the trends and fuck the fashion!“

The new album is available as: Digipak CD, Vinyl & Digital and can be ordered here.