Bulgarians Odd Crew just released a new video for "In Your Brain". The song is off of their latest CD "Dark Matters (Part I)" which was released on May 27th, 2022. The video continues the black and white concept, as the band promised to release videos on all songs from the album.

 "In Your Brain" is one of those multi-layer compositions that can take you to different places but you'll find yourself headbanging along the way. We had a really good time composing and recording it. From the pure aggression of the intro and mid part to the more gentle touch of the verses and choruses."says drummer Boyan "Bonzy" Georgiev.

A few months ago it was also announced that there will be a full-length movie "Dark Matters - Part I – The Movie". It was aired in movie theatres in Odd Crew's homeland Bulgaria. Now it will be available for online streaming on August 1st, 2022  – a special date for the band as this is the date when Vasko Raykov, Martin Stoyanov, Vasil Parvanovski and Boyan "Bonzy" Georgiev started their musical journey together 24 years ago. The movie tells the story of the band, the story behind the new album and the making of all 8 new videos. The movie will be available on bands' official website ODDCREW.NET