The German rock band EXISTENT delivers us with "SCHREI" a party hit of modern catchy alternative rock guitars and a catchy chorus vocal line that puts you in a celebratory mood for the weekend! Youthful punk attitude meets post-Covid mood and a cosmopolitan togetherness.

"SCHREI" lets the images of wild nights from carefree times pass before the inner eye. With their new single, the five guys from EXISTENT not only make you want to listen to a new album, but also to go around the houses together again in post-Covid times. Alternative rock guitars meet fat drum beats, with singer Marcel inviting us to a horny time together. While the world is currently trying mightily to spoil our mood, we should appreciate the beautiful moments in life all the more and dance "so lang' es geht'".

Singer Marcel on the single:

"The song was created when the first clubs and bars opened their doors again and we had to somehow process all this energy that was suddenly felt again. I remember very well how I stood in the club on my first evening on the Hamburger Berg and in a sea of people met all the people again who seemed to have disappeared for half an eternity. It was simply everything like it used to be! This evening of emotions, hugs, music and lots of drinks, felt like a cry of liberation that made all the worries from the past years disappear for a moment."