We all live in a demanding time, surrounded by too much hatred, war, violence, ill will, poverty and inequality. Often, in all the stress of everyday life, we miss a little bit of charity and the ability of people to take more care of each other. Especially now, in the contemplative Christmas season, we want to send hope and sunshine into a cold, ever faster turning world with this song. We want to make people think. Therefore, our video clip also begins with a valuable quote from one of the greatest personalities of the last century, Nelson Mandela!
"No one is born hating other people because of their skin color, ethnic background or religion. Hate is learned! And if you can learn to hate, you can learn to love! Because love is a much more natural feeling in a person's heart than its opposite. "

Guitarist Ändi on the song:
"We chose this song and released it for Christmas because the song "time to wonder" and the message it sends has always been very close to our hearts. Our vision was, "What would the song sound like if GREEN DAY did it? We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2023, let 2023 be the year for all of us".