Andreas Kümmert says about his first single "Leave the Radio on":

"Leave the Radio on" is my first favorite single of several to come, from my upcoming album - working class hero - that will be released on 04/14/2013 via Soulfood Music.

I'm very happy to have found a new label home at Soulfood Music and to be able to lead the way together with the experts Jochen Richert, Maiximilian Foese,

Sandra Eichner, Michael Menges.
The single is for me a tribute, to the good old days, when various TV shows or radio broadcasts were still a social campfire,
about which you then talked on Mondays at work or at school. Through today's media landscape and especially the internet,
people's attention has been scattered and we all lack red lines in the media. I live in the present.
But in the good old days of the 60s - 2000s, there was common media that people consumed. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case today. That's why ... "Leave the Radio on"