Starting signal for the long awaited 33RPM debut album. The first single finally hits the "record shelves" of the streaming services! It's called "TANZ MIT MIR". A very ska and catchy punk rock anthem with earworm and sing-along guarantee.
After the band has sent some quiet and thoughtful tones in December, with the words of Nelson Mandela and Fury in the Slaughterhouse, it is now clear where the journey with the THREE-THREE will go. Directly on the kisser and forward! A lot of "OH OH" choruses, "OI OI ", brass with a positive message and catchy melodies await you.


The music video was shot in a wonderful and unique location, which has now unfortunately fallen victim to the authorities madness. A journey through time, manifested for YOUTUBE eternity. Ändi has special memories of this place, as he experienced many wild evenings with bands like the BROILERS, DRITTE WAHL and his punk rock band "KALTE KRIEGER" at the time.
With a record deal and a finished album in the luggage, the band will release many more singles in 2023. You may be curious.
Guitarist Ändi about the new single:

"Do you know the feeling? You go to a club and then she stands unexpectedly in front of you. This very special person. The one of millions. A person whose charisma and beauty takes your breath away and makes your heart beat faster. You imagine spending the evening with exactly this person, dancing and simply looking deep into her eyes and kissing her. Do you talk to them, do you ask them to dance, or is it all "just" happening in your thoughts and dreams? 33RPM asks you all to let your imagination dance in their Punkrock&Ska anthem."