Life can be really hard sometimes. But even if it sometimes seems hopeless, you remember virtues like friendship, like love, like courage. With the 2nd single "Alles wird gut" from the new VIVA album "Das ist die Wahrheit" (VÖ 31.03.2023) the band describes how they got new courage to face life through crises caused by toxic people, dubious shysters and "Fähnchen im Wind" (little flags in the wind) and how they take up the fight with everyone with extensive self-confidence.

Flo from VIVA on "Alles wird gut":

"Alles wird gut" was the first song we wrote for the new album. Self-critical, we pressed the reset button to free our minds for positive things. New songs, new tour and a lot of room for creativity. Close your eyes and go for it, even if the risk of falling down is not that small. Take a breath and celebrate life. No need to worry. Everything will be fine."