With "Herz Eines Kriegers" the first single including video clip from the new RAUHBEIN album of the same name is released today.
With this, the folk metal high-flyers give a first long-awaited foretaste of their second work, which will be released on 7/7.

"Herz Eines Kriegers" is not only the title track of the work - it also sums up the band's core message. "The song describes everything RAUHBEIN is about," says Henry. "No matter what happens in life, get back up and keep going. Every one of us is down at one time or another. It's not bad to fall down - it's only bad not to get back up afterwards. So take heart and gather your courage and rise above! Anyone can do it!"

Henry knows what he's talking about. Many times in his life he has been at said ground. As the son of a working-class family, he grew up in meager circumstances and struggled through life with a wide variety of jobs. After a serious accident he is unable to work and has to rearrange his life completely.

In the video for "Herz Eines Kriegers" Henry can be seen in the midst of a magical initialization ritual - a druid casts his spell for a warrior who must face the challenges of life. The video was shot in the Werra-Mei├čner district. "Where exactly we can't reveal," Henry explains with a grin. "Because we built a fire there. If we say where we were, we'll get in trouble."